Accomplishing big improvements by making things smaller


Accomplish big improvements by making things smaller

Who we are?

Our company manufactures natural mineral and organic substances using unique, rapid -collision micronization technology. A special feature of this technology is its ability to reduce particle size quickly and efficiently, enabling improved biological charactersitics of various compounds for affordable price.

We can solve your problem with compound or at least make it smaller 

Our Products


FolioMax® is potent mineral supplement that boosts plant yield performance and stress resistance. It can be applied through leaf on any plant. FolioMax® works via calcium signalling and silicon supplementation  leading to substantial increase in crop yield and quality. Those benefits are achieved by calcite augmentation using micronization technology. The same benefits have been confirmed in numerous scientific studies and field tests followed by 100% satisfied customers.


Zeosens® is finely micronized zeolite used for agricultural, pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes. The large specific surface area achieved by proprietary micronization technology, enables better reactivity of zeolite, resulting in augmented biological effects of Zeosens®. These effects include improved food conversion, efficient removal of toxins and viruses, positive modulation of gut bacteria, stimulation of antioxidant enzymes and enhanced bioavailability of accompanying compounds.

Our Services

Contract Manufacturing

Our Factory is equipped with high throughput machines for fine grinding and refining. We are accredited production facility qualified to manufacture products ranging from fertilizers to fine cosmetics.

Compound testing

Do You have a compound, herb, extract or mineral with less than satisfying properties? Contact us and we will support you to achieve greater bio-eficacy, solubility or required specific surface area.

Engineering services

Do you wish to start your own milling business? We have more than 20 years of experience in micronization of various material types. We can help you build your custom solution for fine grinding.

Our Values


Our constant research engagement in the area of “top-down” micronization approach resulted in development of novel methods in particle
size reduction. These methods enable us to satisfy increasing demands for more potent products with attractive price.


We use our proprietary micronization technology to address major challenges steming from both intense and organic farming, as well as to make significant improvements in human and animal health.


Trust of the customer or busines partner was foundation for our long term business. There cannot be moral shortcuts that will compromise our integrity. We care about doing the right thing, because it is right thing to do.


We are building relationship with our customers that make differences in both of our lives. Success and satisfaction of our product users is the very engine that drives us forward.


Our research partners assist us in maintaing competitive advantage through long term collaboration projects. All advances in technology have been implemented using latest scientific methods and engineering skills.


We are honest and high-principled partners to our customers and suppliers, aiming to establish long term cooperation. The quality and the potency of our products therefore is our ultimate duty.

Our Partners


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