There is a fine line between obsession and dedication. It is called commitment.


There is a fine line between obsession and dedication. It is called commitment.


Ekobiogen is small innovative company dedicated to production and processing of organic and mineral compounds. They are used for agriculture, food and cosmetics market. In 1998, we adjusted classic disintegrator device to perform specialized fine milling with great success. Since then, we constantly improved this technology to increase quality of micronized compounds. Our commitment to perfection and innovation allowed us to discover and apply new industrial applications of micronization, leading to commercially sucessfuly products and services available today.
Representation of Ekobiogen Device for Rapid – Collision Micronization
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We will use our knowledge and technology to inspire, create and implement solutions that will respond to food and health challenges of modern society.
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With our technology and products we will help manufacturing affordable food and medicine while creating comfortable environments for everyone on the planet.

Our Values


Our constant research engagement in the area of “top-down” micronization approach resulted in development of novel methods in particle size reduction. These methods enable us to satisfy increasing demands for more potent products with attractive price.


We use our proprietary micronization technology to address major challenges steming from both intense and organic farming, as well as to make significant improvements in human and animal health.


Trust of the customer or busines partner was foundation for our long term business. There cannot be moral shortcuts that will compromise our integrity. We care about doing the right thing, because it is right thing to do.


We are building relationship with our customers that make differences in both of our lives. Success and satisfaction of our product users is the very engine that drives us forward.


Our research partners assist us in maintaining competitive advantage through long-term collaboration projects. All advances in technology have been implemented using latest scientific methods and engineering skills.


We are honest and high-principled partners to our customers and suppliers, aiming to establish long term cooperation. The quality and the potency of our products therefore is our ultimate duty.


We apply exceptional practices in managing and achieving results. Our greatest value belongs to continuous technological advancements which allow us to satisfy most demanding needs in business niche.


Ekobiogen is company ensuring the highest quality of production, fast distribution of products. This includes control of manufacturing processes as systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards.