The Ultimate Solution For Plant Growth
The Ultimate Solution For Plant Growth
FolioMax® is natural mineral plant growth enhancer and adaptogen. It contains finely micronized and augmented natural calcite consisting of calcium carbonate, silicon dioxide, and calcite-related minerals such as dolomite [magnesium calcium carbonate; CaMg(CO3)2] and ankerite [CaM(CO3)2; M= Mn, Zn, Fe].

How FolioMax® works?

Effective supply of calcium and silicon to plants, inreases photosynthetic activity followed by better CO2 utilization and production of primary and secondary metabolites. Consequently, FolioMax® provides improvement in fruit and crop yields, while increasing plant resistance toward environmental stress.


Main Benefits Of FolioMax®

Effective calcium and silicon supplementation through leaf surface
Increased biosynthesis of plant main products; starch, cellulose, lignin, proteins, lipids etc.
Increased biosynthesis of plant secondary metabolites; terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, auxins, etc.
Increased resistance towards environmental stress; temperatures and hydro-stress
Increased resistance toward plant diseases (especially fungal ones) and pests
Significantly enhanced uptake and absorption of nutrients from common fertilization
FolioMax® can significantly improve productivity and economy of your crops, while increasing quality and taste of your products. We have scientificaly verified results by university trials and field experiences obtained by our customers world-wide.

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