Faces of Zeolites – Science and Myths

Zeolites are fascinating crystals possessing microscopic pores and metal binding abilities. They are usually formed naturally in lava flows but they can also be made in the laboratory [1, 2]. Since their discovery the crystals have attracted considerable interest...

Plant Health

The Role of Silicon In Plant Growth

Many minerals go into plant growth, with one important one being Silicon (The soluble form of Silica – or H4SiO4). In fact, it was not until recently that anyone considered silicon to be important when it came to plant growth and development. How Silicon Is...

Plant Health

How Calcium Affects Plants

When it comes to calcium, many people don’t really consider if and why it can have a significant role in plants as well. However, calcium ions or CA2+ plays a critical role in not only plant growth but also in plant yield as well. How Plants Use Calcium? Calcium is...

Calcium in plant