We’re not here to waste your time. Ekobiogen is constantly setting a new standard in the field of rapid collision based grinding and micronization.

Our devices can reduce particle size and enhance surface area in an incredibly short time when compared to alternative milling methods. Give us a call and we will offer the right solution for your needs.

Typical applications that require our micronization services:


Minerals and dry organic compounds can be micronized enabling their increased dispersion in soli as well as better root and leaf penetration. Reduce amount of classic ferilizers and pesticides!

Animal food

We can micronize diverse types of mineral compounds and dried food or feed additives that will have improved bioavailability. Use fewer additives and save money.


Active compounds, minerals and dry synthetic polymers can be effectively micronized with our technology resulting in enhanced penetration and quality of your end products.

Fine Ceramics

We have extensive experience in micronization of special purpose ceramics or ingredients thereof. You can lower sintering energy by increasing surface area of input materials.


Modify the solubility properties of the drugs toward desired direction. Superfine powders (submicron) forms can improve dissolution, permeability and bio-availability of various compounds.

Pharmaceutical additives

Grinding or cogrinding of pharmaceutical excipients can be used in improving disspersion, or modifying amorphization of active ingredients. This results in augmentation of active compound
Do you wish to start your own milling business? We have more than 20 years of experience in micronization of various material types. We can give you technology guidance and help you build your custom solution for fine grinding.
Do You have an active compound, herb, extract or mineral with lower than satisfying properties? We can figure and classify possibility of augmentation based on material structure, particle size and solubility testing, including application of cell assays with our associate companies. Contact us and we will help you work out higher bio-efficacy, solubility or required specific surface area for your substance.