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Why Particle Size Matters?


Particle size and specific surface affects its interaction with environment and consequently brings new biological effects. Most often, increased specific surface area, characteristic for smaller particles is proportional to increased reactivity.

Reduction of particle size by “top-down” approach (milling, grinding, crushing) is an affordable method for achieving desired or enhanced properties of target material. However, attempts to decrease particle size in order to exhibit highly reactive properties have been technologically challenging and time consuming.

Our Technology

Our micronization technology enables extremely rapid particle collision contributing to fast and affordable decrease of particle size and increase of specific surface. Multiple studies with our processed materials show increase of solubility, amorphous to crystalline ratio, and significant improvement of biological effects.


We collaborate with world renowned academic institutions in order to maintain competitive advantage in this constantly shifting technological area. For the last 20 Years, our products based on proprietary production processes achieved repeatedly compelling results in agricultural, food and cosmetic market.